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Data and the OS - Are we ready?

On the  IMAC podcast Colin and I do together, Ben Brichta, Partner at The X Company, joined us to talk all things data. We discussed how they use data, how they approach data, the benefits of data, data, data.

Great conversation. I highly recommend you taking a look at it below.

Amongst all the great things Ben said, two statements stood out to me that you should make you think deeply. He commented on how they are "hardware light and software heavy" and how they view the "building as a platform."

Both are profound statements to me, and it shows how far some in the developer industry have come and how much more work we collectively, as an access control and smart lock industry, need to go. There are pockets of great examples where we can highlight progress in our industry. No doubt. Take the software-centric solutions that have gone beyond hardware and sit on top of traditional access control and smart lock products. I do not want to discount the efforts made there, but if you collectively look up and down our industry, a statement of "software heavy and hardware light" is an outlier, not the norm.

Fast forward 3-5 years, and I think it will be the norm.

How do we shift our industry to say, "Smart locks and access control are hardware light and software heavy?"

When was the last time you saw a multifamily smart lock built to support a software-centric use case, not a gadget?

Not very often for either. But for the smart locks and access control companies that have and will, you are and will be way ahead of the game. You will meet the developers where they are now. You will be able to serve them in the future.

Which leads me to the other point that Ben made that stood out to me- the building as a platform. I have been calling it the "operating system." The operating system model is real. It is here. Gone are the days of siloed systems. The smart locks and access control systems need to be able to "plug-in" and add value to the operating system.

Are your smart locks and access control systems set up to support this use case?

What value can they help unlock to the developers beyond keeping people safe?

All fundamental questions to ask and tackle as we move forward into this new frontier of data at the center of the value chain.

Who do you believe is doing a great job in the smart lock and access control industry being software heavy and built for the building operating system?