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Why IMAC and Why Now?

1000 True Fans

When we launched Inside Access Control earlier this year, Kevin Kelly's 2008 article about 1000 True Fans, which I first heard about from Seth Godin's blog creatively titled "Seth's Blog," had a significant influence. The basic idea of both is to focus on 1000 active followers of your concept, content, product, etc. With that, you can build a business.  So, we kicked off Inside Access Control and started to dig a mile deep versus a mile wide into ideas, content, interviews, and more. We also had the vision of rinsing and repeating that model for overlapping technology solutions like visitor management (which gave birth to Inside Visitor Management) and verticals, like multifamily.

Meeting the Customer Where They Are

IMAC is about the idea of meeting the customer where they are. Everyone has different interests, and those interests overlap with different solutions, markets, verticals, geographic regions, technology, and more. Our various platforms give whoever you are, whatever interests you have, and from whichever part of the market you serve, value-added, actionable, and thought-provoking content.

The Multifamily Access Control Market

Over the past five years, the multifamily industry has been in the midst of a technology revolution. It is the poster child for "software eating the world," and access control is front and center. Right now, there is a ton of information, many subject matter experts, and interest all over the place. It is nearly impossible to know where to go to find out relevant and updated information on access control as it pertains to the multifamily market. So we created a center and platform for the market to learn, collaborate, and provide their insights.

What to Expect of Inside Multifamily Access Control

You can expect to see the same level and frequency of thought-provoking content via our many vehicles:

Our Goal

The goal is simple, but the task at hand is large. We want to be THE resource the market goes to for access control and multifamily news, information, ideas, and content.

A Community Effort

Inside Multifamily Access Control is a community, and it is going to take everyone engaged for our goal of being THE resource to be achieved. With that, we are excited to announce that Salto Systems has agreed to be our first patron and partner with this endeavor. As with our other patrons and partners on our sister sites, they have shown, through actions, the support of original and thought-provoking content that centered around being honest, forward-leaning, celebrating the past, and an eye towards progress is essential. We are thrilled to have them on board with us!

Thank You

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and as always, please contact us if you have feedback, ideas, or are interested in participating. We are proud and happy to be doing this with you.